When Monday Tries to Arrest You

My Monday started by one of the girls saying, “Mama, I think you better come here and see this. Leo needs your help.”  Those are never words that should go together… especially on a Monday morning. I found him in the kitchen sitting on the bench at the table in his little Superman underwear. Tears streaked his face. Around his ankle was a handcuff squeezing … Continue reading When Monday Tries to Arrest You

A Shared Day: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

It’s hard to believe that three years ago today I didn’t know if I or the baby I was carrying would live or die. I remember waking up and praying that God would be merciful and would spare us both. As we headed to the hospital and I kissed each of our other children goodbye, I prayed that whatever happened, God would also be merciful … Continue reading A Shared Day: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

The Late Night Adventures of a Tired Pirate Mama

It’s the middle of the night, about 4 am, and a little one cries out. I roll myself to the edge of my bed and slide out. It’s hard to walk because I am so tired. As I make my way across the hallway to go see why Leo is crying, I try my hardest to avoid stepping on the toys that have somehow made … Continue reading The Late Night Adventures of a Tired Pirate Mama

Quick Take 7: A Week with the Tribe

Our lives are crazy. I am the first to admit that most people would run away screaming if they switched places with me for a day. But to me, this is paradise. Even when I am about to pull out my hair, have yelled more than a few choice words at the kids (and then felt horribly for doing so), and have a countdown to … Continue reading Quick Take 7: A Week with the Tribe

Encounters with a Poopcasso

Ah, every mother’s nightmare- a child is alone, in his bedroom, and is very, very quiet. Someone goes to check up on him and begins to scream. “Mama! Mama! You need to come here quick! You hang your head in despair because you know this will not be good. When you get to the bedroom you find it’s worse than you thought. There is poop … Continue reading Encounters with a Poopcasso

For the Love of Leo

I don’t think I will ever forget the day I found out I was pregnant with Leo. I recall the overwhelming feeling of joy and fear mixed so thoroughly together. To know that I was pregnant so soon after almost losing my life with Jake and after being counseled to never have another child again, was terrifying. But, as I stood there, shaking and crying, … Continue reading For the Love of Leo