The Alibi Prank Part 2: The Lesson Learned

Yesterday I pulled an epic prank on my kids. I told them that if a police officer came to the house or contacted them to tell him I was with them all day. I’m not good at pranks or lying and so for me to pull one over on them is pretty awesome. The sheer thought of me doing something so terrible that a police … Continue reading The Alibi Prank Part 2: The Lesson Learned

The Alibi Prank: Part 1

Late last night I saw a meme challenge on Facebook as I scrolled through my feed. I screenshot the page and decided that when I woke up this morning I would do this challenge. Y’all… I laughed all morning long after pulling this prank on my kids! I have some further thoughts about the whole thing which I will share tomorrow, but for today, enjoy … Continue reading The Alibi Prank: Part 1

When Your Kid Plays a Prank: How to Microwave a Turkey

Y’all… I can’t even!  I’m sure you’ve seen the “turkey in the microwave” prank that so many kids have been pulling on their parents. If you haven’t, let me give you a brief overview of it… Kid who lives out of the house texts mom or dad saying that they are going to be going to a “Friendsgiving” where they have been tasked to bring … Continue reading When Your Kid Plays a Prank: How to Microwave a Turkey

When Monday Tries to Arrest You

My Monday started by one of the girls saying, “Mama, I think you better come here and see this. Leo needs your help.”  Those are never words that should go together… especially on a Monday morning. I found him in the kitchen sitting on the bench at the table in his little Superman underwear. Tears streaked his face. Around his ankle was a handcuff squeezing … Continue reading When Monday Tries to Arrest You

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Once upon a time when I only had four kids, a woman from church came over to drop something off. She asked to use our bathroom. When she came out she questioned me on whether or not my bathroom was always that clean and “perfect”. I told her it was. She laughed and said it was ok to tell her that I had cleaned it … Continue reading Letting Go of Perfectionism

The Day the Shitter was Full

Ok, so maybe this isn’t the classiest title I have ever come up with, but this isn’t going to be a very classy post as it is about poop. Hopefully you will forgive me for my crudeness…. Maybe you’ve seen Christmas Vacation as many times as we have and can recite the lines by heart. If that’s the case you’ll understand the picture below all … Continue reading The Day the Shitter was Full