Who is Essential?

Remember how before this pandemic began that people looked down upon others in certain jobs or positions (and especially upon those without jobs)? If you didn’t have a degree you were considered worthless. I mean, really, who wants to be a cashier at a grocery store? Who wants to be the person who picks up trash? What wants to be the person who cleans the … Continue reading Who is Essential?

Why Should We Respect the Flag?

There has been much controversy regarding the NFL players (and others) decision to take a knee, stay in the locker rooms, or worse yet sit on the ground doing whatever they feel like doing while the National Anthem is playing. Why the controversy? Aren’t we free to protest in any peaceful way we deem fit? Isn’t it better to do something peaceful instead of rioting … Continue reading Why Should We Respect the Flag?

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Once upon a time when I only had four kids, a woman from church came over to drop something off. She asked to use our bathroom. When she came out she questioned me on whether or not my bathroom was always that clean and “perfect”. I told her it was. She laughed and said it was ok to tell her that I had cleaned it … Continue reading Letting Go of Perfectionism

Change Your Perspective by Changing Your Seat

  Last spring my 6 year old broke her leg. She fell off the top bunk and her leg caught in the ladder. She broke both bones in her lower leg. She was in a cast up to her thigh for part of her recovery. Because of the cast she couldn’t sit in her regular seat in the van. Instead, she sat on the front … Continue reading Change Your Perspective by Changing Your Seat

A Shameful Encounter

Today I witnessed something very shameful but very indicative of our society. There was a morbidly obese man in a motorized chair that came into the grocery store I was at. He was probably the largest man I have ever personally seen. Savannah, Emma, and I said hello to him as he passed us and asked him how his day was going. We spoke just a few … Continue reading A Shameful Encounter