What Star Will You Follow?

December 21, my William’s birthday, we were blessed to witness a once in a lifetime event- the rising of the Star of Bethlehem. On the longest day of the year, during one of the longest years of our lives, on the anniversary of the worst day of my life, we were reminded that there is hope in the world even today. It was a much … Continue reading What Star Will You Follow?

Life (and Your Understanding) Can Change in a Brief Moment

The Wreck and the Heroes On Tuesday, I was a witness to a horrific wreck. An elderly couple hit a young man who was traveling probably over 70 miles an hour. His car rolled about 5 times before coming to a stop. I pulled over, gave my phone to my girls to call 911, and then I ran as fast as I could across the … Continue reading Life (and Your Understanding) Can Change in a Brief Moment

Why Should We Respect the Flag?

There has been much controversy regarding the NFL players (and others) decision to take a knee, stay in the locker rooms, or worse yet sit on the ground doing whatever they feel like doing while the National Anthem is playing. Why the controversy? Aren’t we free to protest in any peaceful way we deem fit? Isn’t it better to do something peaceful instead of rioting … Continue reading Why Should We Respect the Flag?

No Longer Sitting in the Lap of Evil

I don’t remember when it started- it just always was; but I remember when it stopped. It took a tremendous amount of courage to tell my mother that my grandfather had been molesting my sisters and me for years and years. My mother had been explaining the “bird and the bees” to my sister and me when she said, “No one should ever touch you … Continue reading No Longer Sitting in the Lap of Evil

To Make America Great Again

What comes to your mind when someone asks you to define “great”? If we look at the definition of greatness we see that it is defined as “exceptionally high quality; the quality or state of being large in size; the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.” Greatness, therefore, has to do with power, size, and quality. To be great means to be the best, … Continue reading To Make America Great Again

Prayer of the Day: Who is My Neighbor?

Good morning! In yesterday’s Gospel we heard Jesus reiterate that to gain eternal life we must love God with all our hearts, souls, and strength and that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. He is then asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Each and every person we encounter is our neighbor and as such we are called to love every person we come in contact … Continue reading Prayer of the Day: Who is My Neighbor?

A Shameful Encounter

Today I witnessed something very shameful but very indicative of our society. There was a morbidly obese man in a motorized chair that came into the grocery store I was at. He was probably the largest man I have ever personally seen. Savannah, Emma, and I said hello to him as he passed us and asked him how his day was going. We spoke just a few … Continue reading A Shameful Encounter