Prayer of the Day: Consolation and Hope

consolation and hope

Good morning! I have sat trying to write a prayer of the day but can’t seem to find the words. I want to talk about how difficult losing a loved one can be and how it can turn our lives upside down. I want to write about how losing someone we love can bring us to our knees begging for mercy or perhaps questioning our faith. I want to talk about the despair and the sadness that can become all consuming. But, the right words just don’t seem to come today… everything I begin to write seems like it is not enough.

Today I pray for each of you who have lost someone dear to you. No matter how old or how young a person is when they die, they leave a hole in the hearts of those who loved them most. If your heart is heavy today missing someone dear to you, know that I am uplifting you in prayer. May God bring you consolation, hope, and peace.

Have a beautiful day and please let me know if there is anything you’d like kept in prayer. It would be my honor to pray with and for you.

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