Prayer of the Day: Fight the Good Fight

fight the good fight

“Let us charge into the good fight with joy and love without being afraid of our enemies.” ~ St. John Climacus

Good morning! I read this quote this morning and knew I needed to share it. As our world seems to spin out of control, I have no doubt that God cries along with each of us. As we destroy one another through violence and hate, I know He wonders how we strayed so far from Him and from love. He did not create us to treat one another in this manner; He created us for love. But in order to know love in its fullness He also knew we must freely choose to love. So many of us are like Cain and choose to turn from love and instead allow sin to master us. We are willing to strike down one another, both figuratively and literally, for our own benefit, for our own causes, and for our own selfish pride.

Today I pray that instead of choosing sin and choosing hate we choose to fight the good fight with both joy and love. I pray we choose not to be afraid of our enemies as God’s truth, His love, His peace, and His hope will always conquer all sin in the end. We cannot win without God on our side but we must choose to be good and holy people. We must choose to allow Him to be our guide in all we do. Without Him all is lost; with Him we have already won the war. Today I pray we each will choose to love.

Have a beautiful day. What can I keep in prayer for you today?


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