Prayer of the Day: To Ask for Forgiveness

flower 5.5

Good morning! I wanted to share with you something that happened here yesterday. In a fit of anger over something I have been upset about many, many times at my house I exploded and said something to one of my children that I really didn’t mean. I immediately felt terrible and I could see that I hurt her by my words. I knew that what I did was wrong, but I did not apologize right away. I wanted to stew in my anger. I wasn’t willing to admit right then that I had handled the situation wrong and that I was being a jerk. I wanted to stay mad. It was later in the evening that I sat down with her to talk about what had happened, what I said, and why I was wrong. She told me how much I had hurt her. My heart broke even more to think that it was words which I had spoken that hurt her so badly. I apologized and asked for her forgiveness. She readily gave it to me.

It’s easy to allow our anger and our emotions to cloud our minds and allow us to act out in ways that hurt others. We often take our frustrations out on those closest to us… those we know will readily grant forgiveness. Today I pray that we each will ask God to temper our words and actions, especially when we are upset. Once the words are spoken we are never able to take them back. Our words have the power to build others up but also to tear them down. I pray we always use our words prudently and wisely, saying only the things that will foster meaningful relationships and show God’s love. Finally, I pray that when we hurt others we admit our wrongs and humble ourselves to ask for forgiveness. It is imperative to our relationships not only with one another but also with God.

Have a beautiful day. If I can keep something in prayer for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. It is always my honor to pray for you.


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