The Alibi Prank: Part 1

Late last night I saw a meme challenge on Facebook as I scrolled through my feed. I screenshot the page and decided that when I woke up this morning I would do this challenge. Y’all… I laughed all morning long after pulling this prank on my kids!

I have some further thoughts about the whole thing which I will share tomorrow, but for today, enjoy this ridiculousness and maybe have a few laughs with me! And before you say it, I know, it’s terrible of me to do this, but in the end the kids all thought it was funny (I knew they would)!

I wouldn’t pull this prank on little kids, but teens and young adults- awesome! Perhaps you might remember the Turkey in the Microwave prank that Emma pulled on Mike. This was a good payback for that!

I messaged Bella, Anna, Emma, and Garrett and waited for the magic to happen.  Bella was the first to open the message. She didn’t bother to message back-

Bella calling me instead of messaging me back: I’m confused.

Me: Confused about what?

B: About your message. Why would someone ask if I was with you?

Me: Just say you were with me all day.

B: Yesterday or today?

Me: Yesterday.

B: This is weird.

Me: Just do it. If they come to the house to talk to you, just say that you were with me all day yesterday.

B: Ok… but why?

Me: Just do it.

B: Will they come in the house? Do we need to clean the house up really good?

Me: No, they will probably just talk on the porch. Just tell them you were with me.

B: Uh…ok.

Me: Thanks.

B: Ok. Love you, bye.

Me: Bye. Love you too.

Then I sent her the picture and this was her response!

Bless Bella’s heart for sure… she was worried about the house being clean and then rallied the troops. I also don’t think in the end she would have lied for me. However, as soon as she knew that it was a prank she and Anna plotted to not tell the other kids until I got home. She got them cleaning and even changed their clothes! I was dying getting these messages!

Literally right after I hung up with Bella the phone rang and it was Emma.

Emma: Why would you text me that?

Me: Look, if anyone comes by, just tell them that I was with you all day long.

E: Why, did something happen?

Me: The less you know, the better. Just tell them you were with me if they come and talk to you.

E: Yesterday or today?

Me: Yesterday.

E: Ok. I just don’t understand.

Me: I will tell you later.

E: Ok, love you.

Me: Love you too.

I sent her the original picture and this was her response:


Shortly thereafter Garrett called too. I wasn’t sitting in front of my computer so I wasn’t able to write Garrett’s out as I did when the girls called, but I think it is safe to say that he was confused too. I think they all knew that this would be WAAAAAYYYY out of character for me and were concerned! But, they were there for me. Garrett even said, “You got me! I was wondering, but hey, I got your back!”

When I got home, the kids immediately asked if there was really a police officer coming. I told them no, it was a prank. Ben declared, “I knew it! I was thinking, ‘Nope, Mama’s way too holy to do something wrong like that!’ I was right!” We all had a great laugh at it and I told them how hard it was for me to pull off. “Yeah, you aren’t a good liar, Mama!” They are right. And I reminded them that I would never ask them to lie for me like this. We talked some about honesty and how while this was a prank, I expected that they do the right thing if it ever came down to it. In the middle of our laughter, it ended up being a great teaching moment.

While this was funny to do (score one point for me!), I did have some concerns about it which I will share with you tomorrow in another post. But for now, I am still laughing that I was able to pull one over on them. I’m such a bad liar that I normally can’t get away with anything. This time I got them good!

Tune in tomorrow for the follow up:

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