Journey to Rediscover Jesus Day 40: An Hour of Power

Chapter 40: An Hour of Power

My Friends, thank you so much for taking this Lenten Journey with me. I pray that you have grown as much in your love for Christ and in your desire for holiness as I have.

This chapter encourages us to sit in silence with God… to allow his presence to fill us completely. If you are Catholic {and even if you are not!} one of the best ways to do this is in Holy Adoration. It is here that we find Christ waiting for us to simply sit and be with him. He is not asking us to do anything else, simply to rest alongside of him. Can we do this in other places? Sure, but I think it is much harder when the world is knocking at our door (or maybe that’s just the kids…). The noise of the world seems to get in the way of that solitude. In the quietness of the Church we find that those distractions are gone. There is a bonus to Adoration as well… in Adoration we know that Christ is not only present with us in spirit but he is there physically too.

When we sit quietly with Christ and truly open our hearts, minds, and soul to him, God will speak to us. He wishes to inspire us to do his holy Will. He wishes to show us how to accomplish all that he calls us to do. But if we are not willing to sit quietly to listen, we may miss out on his most important messages.

I have been thinking about the Garden of Gethsemane and the pain that Christ went through during his prayers there. He had asked his disciples to come and sit with him for just one hour and yet they couldn’t stay awake. He desired their companionship during his agony just as much as he desires our companionship now. Will we dedicate time solely to him? Will we be there for and with him? Will we quiet our hearts, our minds, and our souls so that we will be able to hear his message?

God wishes to inspire us and then wishes that we will also inspire others. I pray today that each of us will take this as our personal mission- that we will dedicate our lives to living for Christ and to becoming holy men and women and that we will live to inspire all those we encounter to desire to live a life dedicated to loving God and doing his Will.

I’m not sure how many people were reading along this Lent but I thank you for being here. I thank those who have commented or liked posts… on the days that I thought I wanted to give up on doing this Lenten project it was you that kept me going. I pray that you are all blessed and that you continue to strive to live a holy life. There is no better way to live!

May God continue to bring you hope, peace, and abundant love. Thank you my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ for being with me this Lent. You have inspired me, you have encouraged me, and you have helped me feel Christ’s love. I pray I have done the same for you!

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