Prayer of the Day: Who is My Neighbor?

who is my neighbor

Good morning! In yesterday’s Gospel we heard Jesus reiterate that to gain eternal life we must love God with all our hearts, souls, and strength and that we should love our neighbor as ourselves. He is then asked, “Who is my neighbor?” Each and every person we encounter is our neighbor and as such we are called to love every person we come in contact with and even those we don’t. Our neighbors are our friends, our family, strangers, those we like and those we don’t. Our neighbors are even those we consider to be our enemies. We are called to love each and every one of them.

Today I pray that as we begin our new week we will do so with the intent to love every person we encounter whether we meet them in person, interact with them online, read about them in the media, or simply see them on tv. It is not up to us to judge if they are worthy of love… their worth does not come from what they have done or failed to do; their worth comes from the fact that they too are God’s children made in His image and likeness. I pray love will temper our words and actions. I pray that as we try to solve our country’s problems we will do so with love at the forefront knowing that it is only through love that we can solve anything.

Have a beautiful day! If there is something you’d like kept in prayer, please let me know. It would be my honor to pray for you and with you.


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