A Police Officer’s Wife’s Prayer

A Wife’s Prayer

Dear God, my husband is a Police Officer
He is called to protect and serve;
In times of stress and sorrow
He must never lose his nerve.

Lord, often it’s not so easy
To be so brave and strong;
To protect those who would harm him
And right all that is wrong.

Lord, please be by his side
As he calms those in fear;
Steady his hand and help him
To wipe away the tears.

Please give him the strength and courage
To get through each new day;
Grant him the wisdom to handle
All problems that come his way.

Lord, I ask that you be near him
Each time he takes a call;
Guide him and protect him
I pray that he not fall.

Lord, I know the importance
Of all he has to give;
I know that you may call him
So that someone else may live.

But if, Dear God, you need him
And he should lose his life;
Please help him to always know
I am proud to be his wife.

Michelle Fritz

I wrote this many years ago for my husband and my hero- Michael Fritz. Today I decided to share this poem I wrote for him because no other words seems adequate. May God protect us all. May God have mercy on our country.


st. michael

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