St. Nicholas’s Surprise

st. nicholasThe kids were excited last night to put out their shoes for St. Nicholas to come and fill with goodies. It is a tradition they look forward to each and every year. Our kids know that St. Nicholas is Santa and Santa is St. Nicholas. His feast day is December 6th and on that day he comes to remind them the reason we are preparing for Christmas and to leave them a few little candies in their shoes. Normally when he comes to fill their shoes he brings back with him Chris, the elf that has become a part of our family.  This year Chris came early with a note saying that St. Nicholas would be bringing a very special surprise when he came to fill their shoes. They had no idea what the surprise would be.

It turns out that Chris has been busy at the North Pole! He met a friend named Holly and they fell in love! Thankfully St. Nicholas is a Bishop and can witness marriages because Chris and Holly decided they wanted to get married. This morning when the kids woke up they got to meet Chris’ new bride Holly. To say they were excited would be an understatement!

So, without further ado, please meet Holly, Chris’s bride and the newest member of the Fritz Family!

elf on the shelf



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