7 Quick Takes Friday: Yes, I did Just Say That

For my very first 7 Quick Takes Friday I thought I would focus on 7 things that I have already uttered today…


What is that smell?
(said at 3 am when I was getting Leo out of his crib)


Why are you so wet?
(said as Jake hugged me and he was wet from head to toe.
I still don’t know why he was wet)


No, I have no idea what we are eating for supper.
(said at 10 am when I haven’t decided what’s for lunch yet)


I would like to poop alone please.
(said, well, I’m sure you can figure that one out)


Yes, I have boobies, you have boobies, we all have boobies.
(said while I was getting dressed in front of gawkers who were pointing and laughing)


Lord, I need an extra shot of patience today… maybe make it a double!
(said while listening to my kids fight outside my bedroom door)


Yes, Ben, it does look like Woody is giving the “loser” sign.
(“Look kids, a deer!” was closer to what I was thinking!)
(^^ Christmas Vacation reference right there)

woody finger

Want to join in the 7QT fun? Link up here at This Ain’t the Lyceum…

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