Mrs. Buttersworth… a Kid’s Best Friend and Confidant

Originally written on January 18, 2009, this is still an accurate description of what happens regularly at our house! We love Mrs. Butterworth and I love how she has inspired my kids’ imaginations over the years!

mrs butterworthAt our house we go through a lot of syrup. We used to use a store brand of syrup until one day I got smart and bought syrup in bulk at Sam’s Club. They carry Mrs. Butterworth’s so that is the kind we now use religiously.

When I first brought it home the kids were so excited,¬†however, the jugs you get at Sam’s are huge and very cumbersome. They struggled to pour from them. I ended up having to go to Walmart and buy a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s so that we would have something to refill with the jugs of syrup. I suppose I could have bought any kind at all but there is just something about that bottle shaped like a woman that calls to be in the hands of little ones. So, I bought Mrs. Butterworth and brought her home.

All of the kids were thrilled beyond belief. It’s funny how they had memorized the commercials for her even though they don’t air very often. They knew she was supposed to talk and of course the youngest wanted to know when she would start. After explaining that she isn’t real but on the commercials they make her seem that way, they understood, although were disappointed. Still, they were happy to have Mrs. Butterworth in our cabinet.

On several occasions, including today, I have found one or more of the kids playing with Mrs. Butterworth. They pull her out of the cabinet and hold conversations with her. They build houses out of toys on the kitchen table and bring in Barbies to interact with the plastic lady. They particularly love when I fill her back up and she is all brown again. Something about a full Mrs. Butterworth just makes them happy. Today I just sat back and listened without interrupting their conversations with her. They told her how pretty she was. They told her how much they loved her and they told her they knew she liked her home in our pantry. Whether or not she responded I don’t know but they seemed content enough.

It’s funny the things our kids decide to play with. I love seeing their imaginations come alive. I love when they find things to do without my help. Mostly I love to see them having fun and being creative. It’s one of the perks of my job as a mother. I get to witness these moments all day long. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Could you imagine if my kids had a bunch of Mrs. Butterworths to play with? I can only imagine the conversations.
Could you imagine if my kids had a bunch of Mrs. Butterworths to play with? I can only imagine the conversations.

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