Jake, a Man of Few Words

20140325_114042Jake is a man of few words but he is bundle of energy and a barrel of laughs! He keeps us entertained and frustrated all at the same time. He is adorable, sweet, naughty, and loving. Given his rocky start and the 16 months of crying that followed his birth, I have been completely taken off-guard by this little man. His personality is so cute and while he’s still grumpy at times mostly he is a happy boy. He has stolen the hearts of everyone who knows him and they love to read the stories and updates I post about him. I joke that since he wasn’t able to kill me with his birth (although he tried!) he must be making up for it with his hilarious antics now. But regardless of the trouble he gets himself into he is truly a joy to have in our lives!

Happy birthday sweet little man! We love you so much!

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