Encounters with a Poopcasso

Ah, every mother’s nightmare- a child is alone, in his bedroom, and is very, very quiet. Someone goes to check up on him and begins to scream. “Mama! Mama! You need to come here quick! You hang your head in despair because you know this will not be good. When you get to the bedroom you find it’s worse than you thought. There is poop … Continue reading Encounters with a Poopcasso

Learning Life Lessons from the Chickens

We’ve had our chickens for about 7 months now. Everyone still loves them as much as the day we brought them home. Our chickens love the attention they get from the kids. They don’t mind being picked up, they follow the kids everywhere when they play in the backyard, and they come when we call for them. They have helped the kids learn about responsibility, … Continue reading Learning Life Lessons from the Chickens