Journey to Rediscover Jesus Day 19: Miracle Abound

I have been on the receiving end of many miracles. I only have to look at my two youngest children to know that God has performed amazing miracles within my life. I shouldn’t be alive; they shouldn’t be alive, and yet here we are.

While some of God’s miracles have been simply jaw-dropping, He also works miracles in my everyday life too. He provides for our every need. He protects my children and keeps them safe. He makes sure the right people are in our life to help inspire, to uplift, and to care for us. He constantly surrounds me with beauty and allows me to experience love in ways I never could imagine. He is definitely a miracle worker!

Chapter 19: Miracles Abound

Matthew Kelly poses the question, “If you could perform one of them [Jesus’ miracles], which would you choose? Why?” I think I would choose to heal people. I think about the impact that Christ made on people simply by saying, “Get up and walk!” Those people had their lives changed in such amazing ways. I think about the healing that God provided for me and I wish I could do that for other people too.

But, like Matthew Kelly says, we each can participate in everyday miracles. God can use us to answer the prayers of another person. When I wrote about judgment the other day I also wrote how as the Christ’s hands and feet we are called to bring his mercy. Miracles often come through the mercy we extend to others. Some people simply need someone who acknowledges their dignity and their worth. To them that may be all they need to make it through another day. Through his everyday miracles Christ modeled for us what we are called to do for others as well. We may not be able to say to a person, “Get up and walk!” but we certainly can help to heal their hearts simply by performing small acts of love for them.

Point to Ponder: God want to see your amazingness.

Not sure how you can provide a miracle for someone else? Volunteer at a food bank, food kitchen, clothing bank, or a homeless shelter. Help a neighbor with a task that is just too hard for them to do. Anonymously send gift cards to those you know are struggling. Offer to buy someone’s groceries. Drop off diapers at a pregnancy resource center. Donate money to charities that help the needy. Get involved in your church ministries that help the poor. Smile at someone as you pass them. Hold open the door for the person coming in after you. Say hello to someone you normally would ignore. Pray that God will inspire you to help others in the way they need it most.

We don’t have to do big things in order to be amazing and to touch someone’s life. Mother Teresa was fond of saying, “Do small things with great love.” We don’t have to solve all the problems of the world by ourselves. We simply have to try to help bring relief to those we see who are suffering. We should allow God to use us to bring miracles to those who need them most.

Verse to Live: “The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do, in fact, will do greater works than these.” John 14:12

Greater works than Christ? How can that be? Who can be greater than Christ? We often feel like we are not enough and that we can never do enough to make a difference. We forget that sometimes the world we are changing is simply the world of one person. And that is enough. We don’t have to make the blind see or calm the seas simply by saying the word; but we can help those who can’t see Christ experience him through our words and deeds and we can help bring peace to those who are experiencing rough seas within their lives. Above all, Christ calls us to love. Giving love and helping others experience Christ’s love is by far the greatest work we can do.

Question to Consider: Whose prayer can you be the answer to today?

Today I will be purposeful in my intent to help someone else. I’m not sure how that will happen but I will open my heart to allow God to lead me to those who are in need of his love and assurance.

Your Turn: Have you ever experienced a miracle? Do you feel like you have ever been a miracle in someone else’s life? How can you be the answer to someone’s prayer today?

Prayer: Jesus, teach me to recognize the opportunity for everyday miracles.

Help me to open my heart to your love so that I can do your work and share your love with others. Work through me to bring hope and peace to those in need. Amen.

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