Journey to Rediscover Jesus Day 9: The Greatest Teacher Ever

I often worry if I am teaching my kids enough and if homeschooling is the best option for our family. I know there are things they miss out on because they are homeschooled and I know there are better teachers out there than me; still, as we regularly review our decision each year God always reminds me that I am raising children for heaven and not students for Harvard (which is another post for another time and is already in the works!). There will be things they miss, things I don’t teach perfectly and as with in any school situation, it won’t always be ideal. It takes a lot to homeschool your children, especially if your goal isn’t simply to get them into the best college or university but instead to get them to heaven.

I may not be the greatest teacher ever, but I don’t have to be. The greatest teacher helps to guide my decisions and helps keep us on the right track.

Chapter 9: The Greatest Teacher Ever

I loved the opening sentence to this chapter- “People often confuse simple for easy.” This is so true! I can’t count the number of times in our homeschooling career that people have looked at how we school and thought because there are many things we do “simply” that they are easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many times taking that simple route so as not to confuse the kids or to help them connect to a lesson quicker is much harder on me. Sometimes it takes much more work for me to keep things simple, but it is always worth the effort when I see them excel.

Our faith can be like that too. We complicate it when really it should be simple. Sometimes we make faith so difficult that we have a hard time committing to it or walking faithfully along the path. Our book tells us that the Gospel may be difficult to live not because of its complexity but because it is simple and is countercultural.

The word that really stuck out to me today is genius. Matthew Kelly says that it’s not just that Christ is a genius but Christ is genius. His message is clear and simple. His message is about love- God’s love for us, Christ’s own sacrificial love, and our love for God and one another. It is such a simple message, a radical message. It is the greatest teaching that we have ever heard. He has transformed the world through this very simple but perfect teaching. He is genius.

Point to Ponder: Jesus wants to teach you how to live an incredible life.

The world bombards us every day with messages it wants us to learn and accept. But there is no message contained within those teachings that can help us to live an incredible life. Instead the world’s message is about self-glorification and promotion. Christ’s message can help us to live an incredible life. Nothing can compare to the joy we find in living for God and for others.

Verse to Live: “Everyone who listened to these words of mind and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house upon rock.” Matthew 7:24

Where do we build our house? On the ever-changing sands of what society tell is right and good or the sound or on the impenetrable foundation of the rock that Jesus provides? If we are to listen to the Teacher we would find that while life can surely challenge us or threaten to topple us in the midst of trials and hardships, when our house is built upon the foundation of Christ, our rock, we can withstand the storms that rage around us.

Question to Consider: Have you ever really considered Jesus to be your teacher?

For me the answer is yes! I look to Him to teach me in everything I do. My prayer is always that He teaches me to be more like Him- humble, kind, patient, and loving. Of course, He has laid out the lessons I need within the Gospel. He is the ultimate teacher and has provided everything I need to not only imitate Him but get to heaven when my time here is done.

Your Turn: In what ways are you complicating faith? What can you do differently so that you can see and understand Christ’s simple message to us? Is Jesus your teacher? Are you a willing student?

Prayer: Jesus, teach me how to be a great student.

Help me to not only hear your message but to live it as well. Stir in my heart the desire to live out your message of love.

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