Journey to Rediscover Jesus Day 4: The Jesus Question


As a child I never questioned whether or not Jesus was who He said He was. I took it at face value that He would not lie to me nor would my parents or teachers. He was who He was just as my mom was my mom. It wouldn’t be until I got older and began to question. I wondered if what I had been taught was true or if Jesus, as some claimed, was simply just a man. I would actively seek out the answers for myself.

I think it’s very natural to question and to seek the Truth. Actually, I believe God places that desire on our hearts. I wish I had been able to walk alongside of Christ and see His miracles and hear His teachings. Being in His presence from the beginning would have made it easy to respond like Peter and say, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God!” Instead, like many others, I had to actively search Him out, wade through all the lies out against Him, and pray that God would show me the Truth. Of course I came to believe that what I had been taught my entire life was true and that Jesus is not only the Messiah, the Son of the living God, but He is MY Savior and MY God.

Chapter 4: The Jesus Question

As I read our chapter one of the most important points that I took away from the reading was that this Jesus question- who do you say that I am- is not simply asked for Christians. We are reminded that Christ came for all men and women. He doesn’t simply love those who believe in Him but He also loves those who don’t… even those who hate Him. Matthew Kelly tells us Jesus only wants our highest good. This type of love is called Agape love. It is unconditional, voluntary, and doesn’t discriminate. It is a sacrificial love. It is the greatest love that anyone can have for another and this is the type of love that Christ has for all of us.

Some of the words that stuck out to me in this chapter were inescapable, unavoidable, and treasure. Because God has written on our hearts a desire to know and love Him, I do believe that it is unavoidable that we will face this question- who is Jesus- at some point in our lives. Christ changed the world and no matter where we look we can find His influence. He is inescapable! When we seek out the Truth we find that He is a treasure that will change our own lives just as He changed the world!

Point to Ponder: Right now you have an incredible opportunity to get to know Jesus better.

It’s sometimes hard to set aside all our busyness in order to take time to get to know Jesus better. I do believe that God helps those who actively seek Him out though. Sometimes He inflames our hearts to know Him when we are least expecting it. But I believe that when we approach the Truth with an open heart He will show us who He is and how His love can change us.

Verse to Live: “I come into the world to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.” John 18:38

I want to live my life in the truth… I want to live my life in Christ. I want to belong to Him who loves me so much that He gave His life so that I might have eternal life with Him one day.

Question to Consider: Have you ever really explored the Jesus question?

I have! For many, many years I researched the question and read everything I could get my hands on trying to find out the answer. The internet made my search that much easier as I could connect with others like myself who were searching, I could read ancient texts and writings from the Church Fathers, and I could compare and contrast other religious beliefs or lack of beliefs.

I have devoted my life now to learning about Christ and wanting to share the truth that I have found. I continue to study and to learn about the Savior who change my life and whom I fell in love with many years ago.

Your Turn: What stood out to you in this chapter? How do you answer Christ’s question “Who do you say that I am?” What are you doing to come to know Him better?

Prayer: Jesus, teach me to never stop seeking you. Help me to seek you in every relationship, place, and situation.

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