Take a Stand for Life


Why do I stand for life? I stand for life in thanksgiving to Mike’s mother who chose life for him instead of abortion and then selflessly gave him a new life through adoption. I stand for life for my children, especially for Leo who I was told I should abort. They bring so many people joy and hope. I stand for life for my children that I carried and yet was not able to keep this side of heaven. I stand for the dignity of ALL life. Every life is sacred; every life matters. I stand for the poor, the broken, the disabled, the elderly, the sick, those who are suffering, the born and the unborn. I stand for YOU regardless of your race, your religion, your sexual preference, your gender, or any other qualifier you may embrace. I stand for life because God deemed each and every person to be worthy of standing for. I pray you will stand alongside of me to defend all human life.




2 thoughts on “Take a Stand for Life

  1. Thank you for sharing your passionate voice. I feel your deep love and caring for humanity. I feel deeply about many of the same things. And I believe in my freedom to choose. So between us there seems to be a deep and fast flowing uncrossable river. I write not to try and convince you to change what you believe so passionately in, I write as I wonder how we might connect. How we might embrace our differences in celebration of our worthiness. Because we matter.


    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thank you so much for writing and for being so kind and compassionate in your correspondence. I’m not sure how to bridge that gap that divides us. I think that the kindness that exists in peaceful conversations like this is the first step though. Too often I see people being rude and ugly to one another and that has never (at least in my experience) changed anyone’s heart or mind.

      And I agree with you… we all matter and are worthy. I think that’s why I am so adamantly pro-life (as you will see if you are able to read an article I have scheduled for Monday morning that deals with a project my children and I are doing regarding personal worth and making sure others know they are worthy and loved). My pro-life stance simply begins with the right to life but it extends to all aspects of life. I think those areas are another place we can begin to build that bridge as they are perhaps less divisive and volatile.

      Thank you for your comment. I am truly interested in building bridges. I know both sides feel very passionately about the beliefs they hold; I also know that many of those beliefs come from a place of love… at least for me (and I suppose I can’t speak for anyone else) it does. I think by respecting each other through peaceful and kind conversation we can begin that process. It simply takes two people to start it… 🙂

      Have a blessed night!

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