Journey to Rediscover Jesus Day 24: The Gap

A few years ago a friend posted on Facebook about an encounter she had while driving. A man with some sort of “proud to be Christian” or “God sticker” on his bumper had cut her off and I think flipped her off. She vented on Facebook about the hypocrisy of Christians… that they are so quick to tout their faith and yet time and time … Continue reading Journey to Rediscover Jesus Day 24: The Gap

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Once upon a time when I only had four kids, a woman from church came over to drop something off. She asked to use our bathroom. When she came out she questioned me on whether or not my bathroom was always that clean and “perfect”. I told her it was. She laughed and said it was ok to tell her that I had cleaned it … Continue reading Letting Go of Perfectionism